I am an Electronic Musician who has been mixing and remixing since December 2017. I was introduced to music production when I came across Madeon’s mash-up video Pop Culture on YouTube.

I was also inspired by Phon.o when I played the OlliOlli video game and heard his song Fukushima on the game’s soundtrack.

In February 2019, I went to see Fatboy Slim and Cousn play at Wembley Arena. Seeing such high-quality performances motivated me to move onto mixing in front of live audiences. Performing in front of real people and seeing them enjoying the music is a buzz that I cannot find anywhere else.

I was invited to do a live set for Channel Islands Pride in September 2019. There were 3 decks and 6 DJs, with each DJ doing a 2-hour set. The DJ I was sharing with pulled out at the last minute so I filled in and did a 4-hour straight set. It was my first real taste of live mixing and I enjoyed every second of it.

I was then introduced to Deep House, Disco, Lo-fi House, Minimal, Acid House, Jackin House and Garage House by Bellaire, Georges, Bernardo Mota, Madvilla, Pamplem’House, Lone, Theos, Hush Hush, Mézigue and Joey Youngman.

In April 2021, I formed Maisonique. A music collective/label that aims to bring like-minded individuals together to host dance music releases and events. The first official release of the label surpassed 1000 plays on SoundCloud and garnered support from Moskalus, Filth Inc and Bonjour Ben.

In early June of that same year, my track “D’Akkordwas played by Cousn on Rinse FM as part of their FAMLY Connection Special. I was honored to be featured by them, and it was my best milestone to date.